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Featured Projects

St. Francis Acute Care
In May of 1996, Continental Plumbing was subcontracted to begin work on one of their largest projects,  the St. Francis Acute Care Tower, a 9 story health facility located in Lynwood, California.  In a little over three years, Continental Plumbing, Inc.   The project was completed in June of 1999, and the total contract was over $3,000,000.  Photographs and more information may be found here.

Mission Tortilla
Continental Plumbing installed the plumbing systems in the world's largest tortilla factory.  The Mission Foods Tortilla Factory is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is over 312,197 square feet.  The job began March, 1995 and was completed six months later in November.  Photographs and more information may be found here.

Homewood Suites
Continental Plumbing  installed the plumbing in 167 rooms throughout the  7 story Homewood Suites of Garden Grove.  The job began in August of 1999 and was promptly finished in a little over a year October, 2000.    Photographs and more information may be found here.


 Letters of Recommendation

ABC Recommends CPI For Accredited Quality Contractor Status.
"It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Continental Plumbing, Inc. for Accredited Quality Contractor status.  Dan Buckley, Vice President of Continental Plumbing has been a member of the Southern California Chapter since 1981.  During that time, Dan has worn many hats and worked with the chapter to further the ABC philosophy and has on many occasions, been the one to lead the pack.  Dan served on the Chapter Board of Directors from 1994 to 1999 and was the chapter's President in 1997.  In addition to his leadership role on the Board, Dan has been a Trustee, since 1994, on our ABC Merit Trust which oversees all of our apprenticeship program funding.  He has been a stalwart champion of training and was the founding chairman of the Plumbers Apprenticeship Program who fought diligently with the State of California for approval of the program.  Dan Buckley has steadfastly supported the Merit Shop Philosophy and this ABC chapter with contributions of many volunteer hours, financial resources, and leadership.  In 1997, Dan was the recipient of the Russell M. Oakley Award of Excellence, which is an award presented to selected chapter members who go above and beyond the call.  He has consistently recruited and mentored new members and in 1998, was the recipient of the Region One Beam Club Member of the Year.  Continental Plumbing employees have continuously displayed their support for the philosophy of free enterprise by volunteering untold hours to the education and training of their future workforce and by facilitating as instructors in the plumbers apprenticeship program."   -   Susan C. McNiel, Executive Director of ABC                

August 4th, 2000 - Susan C. McNiel      - more -

Big-D Construction Corp. Praises Continental Plumbing, Inc.
"In 1994, Continental Plumbing was hired by Big-D to provide plumbing work on the World's Largest Tortilla Factory for Mission Foods located in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  This approximately 350,000 square foot facility required extensive underground plumbing and a zero tolerance of defective work due to it being a food facility.  Continental, with a subcontract over $1.2 million, performed admirably in all phases of the project inclusive of cost control, quality control, safety, and schedule adherence.  Their entire team, inclusive of office and field staff, were a great asset to our project team."  "We are very proud of our relationship with them and consider it an honor to have them as a fellow member of ABC as well.  If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me."   -  Forrest D. McNabb, Vice President of Big-D Construction Corp.

December 16th, 1999 - Forrest D. McNabb      - more -

Shook Building Systems, Inc. Applauds CPI's Design & Build Services
"Continental Plumbing, Inc. has worked with our company on several projects and has always been if not the best then one of our best subcontractors.  They are very reliable and they provide us with many valuable tools such but not limited to design build on our most complicated and detailed projects.  Continental Plumbing's team from their project managers to their office personnel are very professional and augment Shook Building Systems' capabilities in servicing customers.  I would highly recommend Continental Plumbing, Inc. to any general contractor that is looking for a job professionally installed and on time."  -  Nick Capriotti, Senior Project Manager/Estimator of Shook Building Systems, Inc.

December 09, 1999  - Nick Capriotti      - more -

CRSS Constructors, Inc. Venerates CPI's Work On St. Francis
"It is with great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Continental Plumbing, Inc.  Our company has worked with Continental Plumbing on the St. Francis Medical Center Tower Project for 4 years and has been pleased with their performance.  We highly recommend Continental Plumbing to other organization knowing they hold their efficiency and exceptional skills on the highest professional level.  Their apprentices are well trained in a State Approved Training Program.  Company wide safety is their 1st priority.  Continental Plumbing, Inc. is very much involved with the outside community, donating and contributing their time and money to special programs and charity functions at St. Francis Medical Center.  Continental's promptness and skilled qualities are exceptional in their job well done.  Their relations with the owner on a professional level to expedite the hospital's needs in a safe and time manner were warranted toward the entire duration of the project here at St. Francis Medical Center.  I find Continental Plumbing, Inc. to be an exceptional company and I would recommend them on the highest professional level."  -  Richard D. Heitzman, Project Manager of CRSS Constructors, Inc.   

December 03, 1999  - Richard D. Heitzman      - more -